Training, Consulting & Coaching

Educating clients in creative software, processes, and creativity as well as custom individualized solutions.

Software Instruction

Helping creators understand how to use tools effectively.

Specializing in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere, and Divi WordPress Theme.

Other software and technology available includes Procreate, Fresco, Audacity, After Effects, Acrobat, and more. If a software you’re looking for isn’t listed, feel free to ask.


Creative Presentation

Selling ideas, influencing thinking.

Having your creative ideas accepted isn’t always a smooth path. Learn some ways you can help bridge the gap while looking as polished and professional as possible.



Getting the ideas and concepts flowing.

Concepts and solutions are needed on demand, not just when we “feel creative.” How can you prepare for those times? We can help you with individualized techniques. It’s not as difficult as most people would think.

Proper Graphics Preparation

Get consistent results without unexpected hiccups.

If you’ve ever had graphics that appeared blurry or print jobs that were darker than you expected, we can help iron those kinks out. From picking the right tool for the job to understanding what to expect from the vendor that receives your files, we’ll help smooth the process.

Enhancing Creativity

Connect the dots in different ways.

Creativity isn’t always about making things. It’s not about being weirdly quirky. Oftentimes it pertains more to a person’s outlook and expectations in everyday life. Like a breath of fresh air or waking up after a nap. Find some ways to jolt your own creativity awake!


Customized Training & Coaching