About Brian Mays Creative

Started by Brian Mays in 1998, we’ve seen a number of changes in the world of communication.

Who is Brian Mays?

Designer. Creative Director. Artist. Writer.

Over 20 years of experience across various digital and print platforms.

Coach. Certified Technical Trainer. Teacher.

Certified technical trainer and teacher adept in conducting training courses on leading design software and processes. Coach and trainer to individuals in both creative and non creative positions. Available for small group, corporate, and individual consultations.

Collaborator. Team Builder. Mentor. Speaker.

Brought together productive creative teams at various organizations. Worked across varying departments in organizations to help achieve unified goals. Mentored innumerable individuals in positions such as graphic designer, production artist, web developer, and video designer.  Presented to over a dozen organizations and events as a guest or featured speaker.

What Does Brian Mays Creative Create?

Quite a Few Different Types of Things

Communication pieces across various media. Do you need your message in print, online, in emails, in videos? A speciality is producing work that can be smoothly and easily used across as much different media as possible.

Training for specific creative tasks or software to help employees or individuals meet goals set by an employer, client, or even themselves.


The Next Thing May Be Something We’ve Never Done Before!

And That’s Exciting!