about me

who I am

 creative director • designer
artist • communicator

I have over 25 years of experience telling stories across various digital and print platforms. Translating work from one platform into another in an efficient manner is a chief strength. I’m a creative Swiss Army knife who isn’t afraid to jump in on a project even if I’m not fully versed in the technology or process. In terms of projects, jumping off a cliff and learning to build wings on the way down is one of my favorite things to do! But knowing when to defer to a collaborator with more expertise who may get things done more quickly is something I have learned and implemented more over the past decade.

collaborator • team builder
mentor • speaker

I’ve brought together productive creative teams from wide ranging backgrounds at various organizations to help achieve unified goals. Mentoring individuals in positions such as graphic designer, production artist, web developer, and video designer is one of my professional missions. I’ve made mistakes, and I gladly pass along those lesson to colleagues so they don’t have to do quite as much learning under fire. I also help teams exceed the limitations of budget, time and experience by developing efficient processes and procedures alongside team members.

certified technical trainer

I love teaching what I do. I’m a certified technical trainer and teacher adept in conducting training courses on leading design software and processes. I’ve also coached for both creative and non creative positions. My trainings have ranged in size from individual to large corporate sessions.

husband • dad
star wars fan • marvel zombie
calvin & hobbes enthusiast

I’ve been married since 2006 and we have two incredible sons who keep me insanely busy! In my spare time you might find me watching a Star Wars or Marvel movie or show (I owe my career to learning to draw from both of those franchises). I’ve been known to show up at Star Wars conventions a few times! And if you ever question how much I love Calvin & Hobbes, take note: we named our first-born Calvin.

work experience & resume

Find out more about what I know, what I’ve made, and who I’ve made it for over on my extensive resume page!